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What people are saying about me. . . .

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 I had been in a bad accident about 1 year ago and had neck surgery. I've had nerve pain issues and sensitivity issues in many places. Well Ms. Coco found and fixed them. I felt like I was in a different world. She took me from one wild experience to the next. Anyone doubting booking her DON'T!! I couldn't even stop dreaming about the experience all night long. I can't wait till our next encounter and it can't come soon enough. I could type all day about our session but sorry ladies and gentlemen you need to book the Elypsium to experience it for yourself. Like I said out of this would. Thank you so much Coco. Much Love [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] [🌶] [🌶] [🌶] [🌶] [🌶] [🌶] [🌶] [🌶] 

~ Billy, TN

It was my first time seeing CoCo and I am glad I did. She is now in my rotation for sure. She has a tremendous attitude and I highly recommend. I will return. She takes her screening seriously and I appreciate that. When I arrived she met me at the door to her building and walked me up to her apartment. I was face down and her formal training shows. Great massage. I was offered and took a shower. Got dressed and was on my way. Her technique is one of the very best I have seen in quite some time. I would run not walk if I were you.

~ Mr. Source, GA

Arrived as planned and Coco met me at the entrance after directing me where to park in the very secluded and private upscale location. I saw her though the glass door and could see her girlish smile as I grinned back relieved from the anticipation.. She came at me with compliments as I was still amazed at how attractive and charming she was. Her attire: draped in a uniformed styled dress. This is my first review, ever. We chatted and laughed as we made way into her residence, this was her sneaky way of asking what I didn't answer on her intake. She is much of a conversationalist as I welcomed her every word. The more she spoke, the more I could study her face, her mouth, her hands and body, her spirit. She is quite genuine and knows how to relax the beast in me. We shared a glass of wine; her hospitality was incredible. This provider is gorgeous from the inside out! Super intelligent with a business flare.
I could see the connection was magnetic. I feel into some type of trance, overcoming my body and a swam inside her charm. I anxiously undressed in a subtle way and was in full participation for what was about to take place. As I lay on the table I could feel her electricity from her fingertips as she glided her energy into the left side of my thigh muscle. Did I mention she is a CMT with focuses on muscle release tension and deep tissue penetration? Oh my, this angel is a Goddess of Massage Therapy! I laid there as she worked the knots out of my left leg and shifted the pain from my right. She centered all her strength in the areas that made the difference. The massage was unlike anything I have every encountered. It was not mechanical, it was a journey. The music, was on point and I could feel her technique to the beat of the drums causing a refreshing sensation - a tingling of sorts that rushed a dose of Sertonin to my cerebrum. It felt like pure ecstasy as I lay there a slave to the rhythm on her thighs. She grabbled my legs, arms and shoulder with her body parts in a way that seduced my tension into submission! I could feel her body with my eyes closed running the length of my torso against her as her breast drifted from the distance of heat between us focusing on the softness of her skin and the motion of her technique... Ahhhhhhh breathe... She teased my inner thighs with her strength and separated the muscle tissue to open gateways into areas that i did not know I had. She pulled me a part and then put me back to gather better than before. The work in the middle was Amazing. I really don't want to go into that detail because you could eat this cake without the icing, but I could feel her hands singing to my body parts in ways that would charm my senses into attention. My body exploded in shook in ways that would desire medical treatment, but what you need to know is that I was with the doctor that had the cure! I will repeat this experience again and again. I encourage you to as well.  

~sacred dragon~, GA

Checked out her reviews, had been watching for a while. Decided to check her out. I texted earlier in the day, some communication back and forth. I finally set a time and arrived to a nice complex. Got to her place with some over the phone coaching. Parked, and went to the door. She greeted me downstairs. Great massage, great convo, really good time!! I would recommend.

~ Sarah, MA

She is really personable and we had great conversation, and I was there well well over the hour if the talking and a cocktail time is included. She was extremely accommodating and held a casual conversation well. I got a truly good massage and she doesn't miss a spot. This is truly a mix of therapeutic and sensual. The massage was great, she hit the right spots with pressure even popped my back. After which I melted into the table. This is the problem. It was so good, I was sexually aroused but in no way bored. It's just me, I love the erotic mixed in. She was always friendly but just positioned herself so that I couldn't get adult friendly. Her routine is damn good, once again, just not as adventurous as I would have liked. There were no negative points of during the session, I just wanted more of the freaky stuff. She is a great person, but do expect a large emphasis of therapeutic.

~ Jim, FL

I was extremely skeptical about seeing CoCo. I had read the previously submitted reviews and didn't find the details intoxicating enough for me give her call. I guess curiosity got the best of me and I decided to pick up the phone. She lives in a nice upscale apartment around the outskirts of Atlanta. Because she does this out of her home, she's very cautious about you being you. In other words, your I.D has to match your face and name. If you're not comfortable with this, keep it moving. She met me downstairs and asked for my I.D. She asked if I wanted anything to drink and I politely declined. She told me to get undressed and I did. She advised me to relax and I didn't think I'd have any trouble doing that. She directed me to the massage table and that's when she took total control. Her hands were delicately soft. The way she maneuvered them over my back area was pleasure all in itself. She gave me a hug and escorted me to the door. All in all, I had a nice massage. Was I convinced enough to see her again? Time will tell.

~ Bryce, NYC

Called her to see if she had any openings that day and was able to schedule something within the hour. She texted me the address and I was on my way. I got to her place and she gave me a big huge. Coco is one of those women who stand tall and confident. Her biggest asset is definitely her smile. She showed me her massage set up and asked me to get comfortable. We talk throughout the massage getting to know one another. She was very easy to talk with and kept the massage professional. Treat her right guys. Coco is an amazing lady with incredible tricks, techniques and skills.

~ Christian, CO

Checked out her reviews and decided to check her out. We exchanged emails a few days before our scheduled appointment time. She has a nice condo/apartment in a very nice upscale complex. Got to her place with some over the phone coaching. She is a warm and intelligent woman. Great massage and conversation and an overall excellent time!!
Her hours of training and hand on experience as a therapist caused me to relax and take a short nap while she worked me over. I got an excellent massage blend of therapeutic and sensual. It was all so incredible , she hit the right spots with pressure even popped my back. After which I melted into the table. I hope to see Coco soon!!!!!!!!
I highly you run not walk to her.

~ Kaitlyn, MI

Hopefully, I try to see her again soon. Anyway, got to her place and she greeted me in some sports attire. Received a nice inviting hug and was shown the massage table. Stripped and laid face down. She began a very nice and thorough massage. She really seems to enjoy what she does and it shows. Again, you can tell she really does enjoy her job and lets you know it by her constant eye contact, deliberate touches and her attention to my comfort..

~ Jennifer, GA

Needed a relaxing massage and came across Coco's ad, emailed and directed to her site to make an appointment which was easy enough, located in a nice complex, text and called and directed to her, met at the door and on walking to her apartment had a pleasant conversation. She calls herself a nerd but more of a very intelligent and beautiful young lady with a keen interest in pleasing and relaxing you. Probably the best massage I have ever had, knows how to hit the right spots to relax you and almost had me asleep a few times. Cleaned up and showered, chatted a bit before leaving. The following morning was the first time in over a month waking without back pain. She has a client for as long as she will be doing this.

~ Michael, CA

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